2013 Calendar Love

I am not sure if I didn’t realize how quickly the new year was approaching, or maybe I am just a serious procrastinator, but I have yet to purchase a 2013 calendar. So as promised, this past weekend I went on a hunt for some fantastic calendars that will help brighten up your workspace area, and I found some pretty awesome ones! Check out my top 10 picks below, and comment away if you’ve found some other fun ones.

// 2013 Calendars1.1Canoe2: 2013 Letterpress Calendar
2. emilymcdowelldraws: Holy Crap It’s 2013
3. yumalumHave One Helvetica Of A 2013
4. PoofyPrints: Rustic 2013 Calendar
5. yumalum: 2013 Retro Vintage Calendar
6. Fifty Five Hi’s: 2013 Robot Calendar
7. dirtybandits2013 Calendar of Silly Holidays
8. pistachiopress: 2013 Letterpress Calendar
9. OldSchoolStationeers: 2013 Letterpress Wall Calendar
10. Loopz: 2013 Cute Animals Calendar

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