2015 Oscar Nominees Graphics Package

Although the Oscars happened a few weeks ago, the graphics from the broadcast just became available online. I watch the show every year, and every year the visual elements become better and better! This year, the graphics for all of the award categories were my favorite part of the show (competing just a bit with JLo’s dress). But I definitely wanted to share these with you (as late as they are), as I thought they were too awesome not post!

The creative director for this year’s Oscar’s package was Henry Hobson and the production studio was Elastic.

Check out my favorites below: Best PictureBest Original ScreenplayBest Sound MixingBest Production DesignBest Costume Design, and Best Visual Effects.

Best Picture Nominees// Boyhood // Whiplash // Theory of Everything // Selma// American Sniper // Birdman // The Grand Budapest Hotel // The Imitation Game

Best Original Screenplay Nominees// Nightcrawler // The Grand Budapest Hotel // Boyhood // Foxcatcher // Birdman

Best Sound Mixing Nominees
// Whiplash // Unbroken // Interstellar // Birdman // American Sniper

Best Production Design Nominees
// Mr. Turner // Into The Woods // Interstellar // The Imitation Game // The Grand Budapest Hotel

Best Costume Design Nominees
// Mr. Turner // Maleficent // Into The Woods // Inherent Vice // The Grand Budapest Hotel

Best Visual Effects Nominees
// X-Men // Interstellar // Guardians of the Galaxy // Dawn of the Planet of the Apes // Captain America

(images via Art of the Title)

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