Are These The Best Movie Posters Of 2012?

Every year, Entertainment Weekly does a roundup of the best + worst of the year in entertainment. As I was browsing through their various BEST lists (including crying scenes, satisfying movie endings, songs of the year, and many more), I came upon their 25 Best Movie Posters of The Year collection. As I went through their entire list of favorites, I wholeheartedly agreed with some of their picks, and strongly disagreed with many others. I think what’s been missing from Hollywood for a few years now is some real authenticity. Some of the movie posters scream out cliché and are instantly forgettable. A few months ago, I came across on article titled, Has Hollywood Lost Its Creativity? which shows at a quick glance that every film genre has the same poster style these days. If you check out the article, the images make quite a convincing case. Nonetheless, below are EW’s Top 25 picks (I am really digging the Looper + Killing Them Softly posters!). What are your thoughts? Have you seen any that should have made the list? Sound off!

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