Are You In Need Of Some Inspiration?

Some days we are all in need of a little inspiration! The lock screen on my phone is usually an inspirational quote (besides the few times I have the Vampire Diaries hotties gracing the screen), and some mornings it really helps to put me in a good mood. Yesterday, as I was in the process of getting my Etsy store set up, I came across The Motivated Type page, and found some pretty awesome typography inspired inspirational quotes (available for $19). Check out the vintage inspired designs below, and head over to their Etsy page to pick up your favorites!

p.s. I am hoping to launch the typography quosters Etsy story in early May. Stay tuned…

// You Can't Always Wait for the Perfect Time. Sometimes You Must Dare to Jump // There is Nothing Impossible to Those Who Will Try // We Are What We Repeatedly Do. Excellence Therefore is Not an Act But a Habit // Man is Nothing Else But What He Makes of Himself // Every Accomplishment Starts With The Decision to Begin // In The Middle of Difficulty Lies Opportunity // If It Is Important to You, You Will FInd a Way. If Not You Will Find an Excuse // t's Not About Ideas. It's About Making Ideas Happen // Now & Then It's Good to Pause in Our Pursuit of Happiness and Just Be Happy // Good Things Come to Those Who Wait. But the Best Things Come to Those Who Do // It's Not Just a Daydream If You Decide to Make it Your Life // The Future Belongs to Those Who Believe in The Beauty of Their Dreams

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