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The 50 State Nicknames

Browsing through Behance, I came across this awesome lettering project by C. Lee. For the project, Lee created typographic emblems of the various nicknames for each of the 50 states. Check out the collection below (in alphabetical order by state), and scroll to the bottom to see which nickname belongs to which state!
// 50 State Nicknames

In case you’re wondering which nickname belongs to which state, here is the list: Alabama - The Cotton State, Alaska - The Last Frontier, Arizona - The Valentine State, Arkansas - The Bowie State, California - The Eureka State, Colorado - The Buffalo Plains State, Connecticut - The Nutmeg State, Delaware - The Blue Hen State, Florida - The Sunshine State, Georgia - The Peach State, Hawaii - The Aloha State, Idaho - The Gem State, Indiana - Crossroads of America, Illinois - The Corn State, Iowa - The Hawkeye State, Kansas - The Sunflower State, Kentucky - The Bluegrass State, Louisiana - The Pelican State, Maine - The Lumber State, Maryland - The Crab State, Massachusetts - The Pilgrim State, Michigan - The Mitten State, Minnesota - The North Star State, Mississippi - The Magnolia State, Missouri - The Ozark State, Montana - The Treasure State, Nebraska - The Beef State, Nevada - The Battle Born State, New Hampshire - The Granite State, New Jersey - The Garden State, New Mexico - The Cactus State, New York - The Empire State, North Carolina - The Tar Heel State, North Dakota - The Rough Rider State, Ohio - The Buckeye State, Oklahoma - The Sooner State, Oregon - The Beaver State, Pennsylvania - Liberty Bell State, Rhode Island - The Ocean State, South Carolina - The Palmetto State, South Dakota - The Coyote State, Tennessee - The Volunteer State, Texas - The Lone Star State, Utah - The Beehive State, Vermont - The Green Mountain State, Virginia - The Mother of States, Washington - The Evergreen State, West Virginia - The Mountain State, Wisconsin - The Cheese State, Wyoming - The Cowboy State.…

07. April 2014 by Svetlana Bilenkina
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I’m Looking For My Forever Home!

For anyone that knows me, they know how much of a soft spot I have for animals! As I was perusing Pinterest, I came across some fantastic infographic posters to promote pet adoption. The posters were created by the FURminator in support of the Pet Rescue Network of St. Louis, Missouri. The idea behind the posters was to create a series of adoption posters to show off these truly adorable and lovable dogs, and hopefully, help them find their forever homes. So, of course, I had to share this wonderful project! Check out the posters below…

// Pet Rescue Network - Pet Adopotion // Pet Rescue Network - Pet Adopotion // Pet Rescue Network - Pet Adopotion // Pet Rescue Network - Pet Adopotion // Pet Rescue Network - Pet Adopotion // Pet Rescue Network - Pet Adopotion // Pet Rescue Network - Pet Adopotion // Pet Rescue Network - Pet Adopotion // Pet Rescue Network - Pet Adopotion // Pet Rescue Network - Pet Adopotion

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24. March 2014 by Svetlana Bilenkina
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Country Maps Made From Their Iconic Foods

I have to admit Buzzfeed is an addiction of mine. I usually peruse through it when I need a short mental break from work, and it’s often just a series of hilarious GIFs and funny 35 Facts That Will Make You Feel Old; however, once in a while, I find some amazing content that is undoubtably worth sharing. This project is definitely one of those times!

In this Food Maps series, Caitlin Levin and Henry Hargreaves (with typography by Sarit Melmed) took many iconic foods of countries and continents and turned them into physical maps. These maps show how food has traveled the globe, transforming and becoming a part of the cultural identity of each particular region. The maps were inspired by Caitlin and Henry’s passion for travel—exploring new places through the food you eat is often a portal to the cultural complexities of a nation. This project is a playful representation of their interpretation of food from around the world, demonstrating how food unites people and begins a conversation, as they hope these maps will. Check out all of their amazing creations below!

// U.S. - Corn // Australia - Shrimp // China - Noodles // France - Cheese & Bread // Japan - Seaweed // Africa - Banana's & Plantaines // India - Spices // South America - Citrus // UK Biscuits // New Zealand - Kiwi // Italy - Tomatoes

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17. March 2014 by Svetlana Bilenkina
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The A-Z Sign Language Doodles

Happy Snow Day to anyone experiencing yet another winter storm! The federal government is closed today, so I am dedicating my day to some freelance and the blog.

A few weeks ago, I came across the Instagram account of Alex Solis, a designer and illustrator working on a book showcasing the American Sign Language alphabet through a set of signs and adorable illustrations. The project consists of photographing the american sign language alphabet one letter at the time, and integrating a fun character that starts with the same letter. Three days ago, Alex completed the last and final letter for this project, and his kick starter campaign to get the book printed is in full swing! Check out and donate to the campaign here. Below, I pieced the whole alphabet together, so that his entire collection can be showcased in all of its awesomeness. Check it out!

// Sign Language Alphabet Doodles - Alex  Solis

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03. March 2014 by Svetlana Bilenkina
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2014 Oscar Nominated Film Posters Re-imagined

Who’s ready for the Oscars? Although I would have to say that I am more of an Emmy’s gal, I still tune in almost every year for at least the first part of the show to check out all of the fashion, and of course, play Oscar Bingo! This year I thought it would be fun to make a compilation of all of my favorite re-imagined posters from around the web for all of the Oscar nominated films! Her seemed to be the most popular movie poster which got the re-design treatment, and the variations were fantastic! What are your favorites? Sound off!

*Scroll to the bottom for all of the original sources.

// 2014 Oscar Nominated Film Posters Re-imagined

Her: 1/2/3/4/5  |  12 Years A Slave: 1/2/3
American Hustle: 1/2/3
Dallas Buyers Club: 1/2/3/4/5/6
Philomena: 1  |  Gravity: 1/2/3
The Wolf on Wall Street: 1/2/3
Captain Phillips: 1/2/3  |  Nebraska: 1/2

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24. February 2014 by Svetlana Bilenkina
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Do You Know Your Team’s Stats?

Let me start off by saying that I love football! I was in several fantasy football leagues, my Sunday’s were spent watching RedZone, and my every Monday morning was spent reading all of the past day’s recaps on ESPN. A few weeks ago I came across the DesignsByEJB Etsy store, owned by Emilio Jose Bernard, and fell in love with these team stats prints. Although there are only 13 teams captured in the series, the project was too fun not to share. I only wish there was a Dallas Cowboys print, for us once-again-heart-broken-because-we-didn’t-make-the-playoffs-for-the-third-year-in-a-row fans!

….and if you’re a baseball or basketball fan, Emilio designed some great team stats posters for you too!

// New York Jets
// Baltimore Ravens
// Indianapolis Colts
// San Francisco 49ers
// Philadelphia Eagles
// Green Bay Packers
// Miami Dolphins
// New York Giants
// Pittsburgh Steelers
// Chicago Bears
// Minnesota Vikings
// Washington Redskins
// New England Patriots

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13. January 2014 by Svetlana Bilenkina
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My Bucket List—29 Years In The Making!

Happy first Monday of the New Year! I wanted to start this year off by sharing a personal project that I’ve been working on for the past few weeks—my bucket list! Up to this point, the only place in which this bucket list existed was my head, and I thought it was finally time to transfer it out of my brain and onto something that can be printed. So instead of just making a boring bulleted list, I decided to design something that I can print and maybe frame and hang as a reminder of all the awesome things I want to accomplish in my lifetime. What are some of the things you have on your bucket list? Sound off!

// The Bucket List - Svetlana Bilenkina

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06. January 2014 by Svetlana Bilenkina
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My Top 10 Favorite Instagrams

Although this isn’t typography related, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite Instagramers! Who doesn’t love scrolling through their Instagram feed and seeing some incredibly posed animals, and awe inspiring photography? What are some of your favorite profiles to follow? I am always looking to add some fun ones to my feed!


// Harlowandsage Instagram


// Misvincent

Instagram (yes, you read that correctly!)

// Instagram


// Idafrosk Instagram


// Thiswildidea Instagram


// Muradosmann Instagram


// Nickgentryart Instagram


// Leesamantha Instagram


// Croyable Instagram

// Coryrichards Instagram

This is awesome!

16. December 2013 by Svetlana Bilenkina
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Holiday Gift Tags For The Type Lover

// Holiday Gift Tags For The Type Lover

In the spirit of the holidays, I wanted to make some fun typographic gift tags for all of the wonderful gifts that will be wrapped this season! You can download the PDF for these tags HERE. Please note that the gift tags are double sided (just to add a little something extra to the back side)…but feel free to just use one side! If you decide to use them, I would LOVE to see how they look…so please tweet me @svetsxpres with a pic or post a picture to Instagram with #chictypetags! Hope everyone is having a great holiday season, and is getting some much needed shopping done!

// Typography Gift Tags

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11. December 2013 by Svetlana Bilenkina
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Holiday Gift Guide For The Type Lover – Volume 5

…and this brings us to the end of the holiday gift guide for the type lover series! I hope you got some awesome ideas for some gifts! What are your favorites? I can’t wait to get my hands on MANY of the goodies! Happy Holiday Shopping!!!
// The Holiday Gift Guide For The Type Lover - Volume 5

1. Sleep When You’re Dead Coasters – $1.99+ (55 Hi’s)
2. Thirsty Rough Font Family (21 Fonts) – $49.00 (My Fonts)
3. Beautiful Day Snap On Phone Case – $34.95 (Keka)
4. Slow & Steady Wins – $26.00 (Ugmonk)
5. The First Steps of Hand Lettering Class – $20.00 (Skillshare)
6. Helvetica Bold 108pt Tote – $26.00 (Supermarket HQ)
7. Nagging Doubt Wine – $19.50+ (Nagging Doubt)
8. Typographer’s Mug – $9.99 (Mark and Graham)
9. Type & Lettering Pencils (12) – $6.00 (Type and Lettering)
10. Put a Little Love In Your Heart Candle – $20.00 (Houzz)
11. The Logo Board Game – $27.99 (Toys “R” Us)
12. Come In, Go Away Door Mat – $32.00 (Fab)
13. Little Book of Lettering – $15.78 (Amazon)
14. Drop Cap iPhone Case (A-Z) – $39.95+ (Uncommon)

06. December 2013 by Svetlana Bilenkina
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