Hand-Lettered Resolutions Project

For the entire month of January, Linzie Hunter set out to hand-letter other people’s 2015 New Year’s resolutions. Below are just some of my favorites, but they are all really awesome, so definitely check out the entire project HERE. Also, follow her on Instagram @linziehunter to keep up with all of her latest creations!

// Let Go of Last Regrets Instead of Clinging On To Them Constantly // Take Time To Do Things That Make You Happy // Get More Sleep // Be Kinder // For Every New Thing Get Rid of Something Old // Write Something Meaningful Every Day // Be Less Afraid of Life

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The State Plates Project

“Over the past 50 years the American license plate has taken a turn for the worse. We’re here to change that,” is the mission of The State Plates Project, and the brains behind the operation, Jonathan Lawrence. I couldn’t agree more, as there is very little to be desired in the design (or lack thereof) of state license plates.

Over the past three months 49 designer friends of Jonathan have taken on the task of redesigning their state’s plate. The project was completed on December 31,  so you view all of their creations (check out the archive here)!

The idea behind the project was combining good design with functionality, something Jonathan believes seems to be lacking, and that it is something that can be changed.

I compiled some of favorites below, so check them out! What are some of your faves?

// The State Plates Project

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The A to Zoë Project

If I had to pick a go-to social media platform, it would undoubtably be Instagram (you can follow me @Svetsxpres). In the past couple of years I’ve come across some amazing artists who’ve inspired me tremendously. One of those effortless artists is Tommy Perez.

He’s done some pretty incredible projects, but my favorite has to be the A to Zoë food-typography collaboration he did with his 2-year-old daughter Zoë. Through this project he is teaching her the alphabet by taking food and shaping it to form the letter it begins with. Pretty nifty, huh? Letter Y was completed in early August, but Tommy never made it to Z, which is why it has taken me so long to make this post! But I couldn’t wait any longer, so the # (for Hash-Brown) has taken Z’s place! Check out the entire project below, and make sure to follow more of his creations on Instagram (@t-rez).

// A to Zoe

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It’s FRIENDS Binge Watching BINGO Time!

// On The Chic Type Blog - Friends BINGOHappy almost New Year! Who else is excited that the entire series of Friends hits Netflix on January 1? In celebration of this momentous occasion, I’ve created some Friends bingo cards for anyone who wants to have a mini watch party and re-watch the best OH MY GOD and HOW YOU DOIN’ moments! There are only five cards right now, but if there is a lot of interest from all of you, I can definitely create some more! Enjoy :-)

CLICK HERE to download the cards!

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My Favorite Typographic iPhone Cases

I have to admit, I have the most boring iPhone case ever. It was the one that I bought the day I bought my phone…but I think it’s finally time for a change! To no surprise, I of course I will be purchasing a typographic case! As I was perusing the web for some cases for myself, I thought I’d create a list of some of my favorites for all of you—which you can check out below. Do you have an awesome one that you think I’d like? Comment away!!

// iPhone Typography Collection

1. Mary Kate McDevitt // 2. Jon Contino // 3.Risa Rodil
4. David Vineis // 5.Risa Rodil // 6. Kavan & Co.
7. Chris Piascik // 8. Chris Piascik // 9. Francesca’s
10. Case Envy // 11. Nicholas Moegly // 12. Maddy Corbin

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