It’s #Project365 Time!

The beginning of the new year usually signifies ambitious artists embarking on a strenuous and courageous journey of creating a piece of art every day for 365 days! Below are some of the ones that I follow on Instagram. I really love these projects because you get to see the growth these artists experience throughout this adventure. Some of artists have just started, some are in the middle of their ride, and others have just ended, but are definitely worth checking out.

Do you follow any #Project365 artists? Comment away!

Mister Doodle
// Mister Doodle

Joanne Shih
// Joanne Shih

Monique McNamara
// Monique McNamara

Erin Pille
// Erin Pille

Allie Ward
// Allie Ward
Taylor Morgan
// Taylor Morgan

Nick Fred
// Nick Fred

Helen Boggess
// Helen Boggess

Noel Shiveley
// Noel Shiveley

Sabrina Smelko
// Sabrina Smelko

Jordan Cuellar
// Jordan Cuellar

Rhianna Wurman
// Rhianna Wurman

Khairul Fikri
// Khairul Fikri

Laura McDonald
// Laura McDonald

Tara Johnston
// Tara Johnston

Novia Jonatan// Novia Jonatan

Luis Miguel
// Luis Miguel

June Digan// June Digan

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The A to Zoë Project

If I had to pick a go-to social media platform, it would undoubtably be Instagram (you can follow me @Svetsxpres). In the past couple of years I’ve come across some amazing artists who’ve inspired me tremendously. One of those effortless artists is Tommy Perez.

He’s done some pretty incredible projects, but my favorite has to be the A to Zoë food-typography collaboration he did with his 2-year-old daughter Zoë. Through this project he is teaching her the alphabet by taking food and shaping it to form the letter it begins with. Pretty nifty, huh? Letter Y was completed in early August, but Tommy never made it to Z, which is why it has taken me so long to make this post! But I couldn’t wait any longer, so the # (for Hash-Brown) has taken Z’s place! Check out the entire project below, and make sure to follow more of his creations on Instagram (@t-rez).

// A to Zoe

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Pemberley Pond Illustrated Prints

Laura and Luisa are sisters and illustrators who are the talent behind Pemberley Pond. They mix their talents and passions to create colorful and modern creations that draw inspiration from the past. By intertwining calligraphy, hand-lettering and illustration, the duo makes some truly unique literary prints. Check out some of my favorites below, and head over to their shop for a lot more goodies!

// Jules Verne // Rudyard Kipling // Victor Hugo // Charles Dickens // Rudyard Kipling // Edgar Allan Poe // Jane Austin // Ralph Waldo Emerson // Moby Dick // Pride and Prejudice // Sherlock Holmes // Shakespeare

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Chipotle – Cultivating Thought Author Series

For anyone who doesn’t already know…I LOVE Chipotle! As embarrassed as I am to admit this, I probably eat there three to four times a week (I get a healthy bowl—so that’s how I justify it). A few weeks ago I went to get another one of my bowls, and noticed that Chipotle re-designed their bags and cups. Since I am a total sucker for packaging, I came home and checked into the concept of the new campaign.

Over the years Chipotle has used their cups and bags as a means of sharing their sense of humor, thoughts, and ideas, in both word and design. The Cultivating Thought series continues this tradition, presenting the words of thought-leaders, authors and comedians through unique, you’ll-only-find-them-here essays, each illustrated by a different artist. Chipotle hopes this will allow people to connect with the musings of these writers with whom they may or may not be familiar and create a moment of analog pause in a digital world, provoking introspection or inspiration, and maybe a little laughter.

Check out all of the designs below, and head over to the website to get a much more in-depth look at the project!

// Chipotle - Cultivating Thought Author Series

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