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Are These The Best Movie Posters Of 2012?

Every year, Entertainment Weekly does a roundup of the best + worst of the year in entertainment. As I was browsing through their various BEST lists (including crying scenes, satisfying movie endings, songs of the year, and many more), I came upon their 25 Best Movie Posters of The Year collection. As I went through their entire list of favorites, I wholeheartedly agreed with some of their picks, and strongly disagreed with many others. I think what’s been missing from Hollywood for a few years now is some real authenticity. Some of the movie posters scream out cliché and are instantly forgettable. A few months ago, I came across on article titled, Has Hollywood Lost Its Creativity? which shows at a quick glance that every film genre has the same poster style these days. If you check out the article, the images make quite a convincing case. Nonetheless, below are EW’s Top 25 picks (I am really digging the Looper + Killing Them Softly posters!). What are your thoughts? Have you seen any that should have made the list? Sound off!

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10. December 2012 by Svetlana Bilenkina
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The Comfort of Thingy-ness Vol II

I had so much fun compiling The Comfort of Thiny-ness Vol I, that I’ve been keeping my eyes open for more fantastic covers…and I’ve found some really great ones! As convenient as digital readers are, it makes me sad knowing that I no longer have any physical interaction with books, and their fabulous covers. There is something inherently different between seeing the covers online, and touching them and feeling all the intricacies that went into their design and production. Which lets me know, that I have some book shopping ahead of me! Have you seen some awesome covers lately? Sound off!

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06. December 2012 by Svetlana Bilenkina
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Get Out The Vote!

The Get Out the Vote campaign invited AIGA members to create nonpartisan posters and videos that inspire the American public to participate in the electoral process and vote in the 2012 general election. By motivating eligible citizens to register and turn out on election day, Get Out the Vote fulfills an ongoing AIGA objective of demonstrating the value of design to the public, public officials and business by providing a clear call to action for an activity that is important to everyone. AIGA is hosting an exhibition in New York City from October 3–November 30, 2012 featuring the 2012 Get Out the Vote project, at the AIGA National Design Center.

All posters are available as PDFs in the online gallery for you to browse and share with friends. Check out some of my favorites below, and for all my American readers, don’t forget to go out and vote today!

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06. November 2012 by Svetlana Bilenkina
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Sony Music Timeline

Alex Fowkes, an illustrator and designer from the United Kingdom, created the fabulous Sony Music Timeline, which celebrates 125 years of musical history covering almost 150 square meters of wall space in Sony’s Derry Street headquarters. Using just CNC cut vinyl as the sole medium, the typographic installation consists of 54 columns measuring over 6 ft., covering nearly 1000 of Sony Music’s signed artists from 1887 to present day. Check out the process video below, and some (click on the link above to see more) amazing stills from this grand work of art!

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23. October 2012 by Svetlana Bilenkina
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Top 10 Designers To Follow On Pinterest

I, like many of my readers visit Pinterest on a daily basis for design inspiration. It’s a great place to discover and get inspired by talent from all over the world, and create your very own portable design morgue (say goodbye to carrying idea binders around!). So I decided to compile a short list of some great designers you should follow to broaden your feed on Pinterest. Do you have any great ones you follow? Comment away!

p.s. are you following me on Pinterest?

Naomi Francois

Design Quixotic

Jennifer Pace

Chad Syme

Kara Smarsh

Mike D

Maggie Call

Patrick Welker

Didi Kasa

Jessie Tyree

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12. September 2012 by Svetlana Bilenkina
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The Work Should Be…

Scrolling through my Tumblr feed, I came across an interesting poster series, created by Sean Downling and wanted to share! The series depicts 12 (+ 1 additional) truths about what design should be according to Sean’s beliefs. I asked him what inspired the posters, and he simply stated ” These are things I feel about design, clear and simple. This is what I feel design should be. This is what ‘the work’ should be.”

He goes on to say, “Design happens in the relationship between client and designer. Yes, some work is generated for fun or practise. Yes, designers brand themselves and create for the sake of creation. But these situations are not the same as when there is a client. True design happens when there are constraints. The artistry of graphic design is in the finding solutions to the unsolvable and making it look effortless. The most important thing about ‘the work’ is the act of doing it. ‘The work’ is not done while looking at other people’s blogs, it doesn’t happen when you are making up funny names for fake companies because you came up with an idea for a cute logo and it doesn’t happen when you are telling people about what you think design means.…

04. September 2012 by Svetlana Bilenkina
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Hand-Drawn Typography Proverbs

Eva Markova, created these wonderful had-drawn typography proverbs as an academic project while she spent a semester studying abroad. Below you can see both the vector images that were the beginning stages of the project, and the final prints after they were laser cut. Make sure to check out the project’s Behance page to see some great closeups of each piece.

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20. August 2012 by Svetlana Bilenkina
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Fabulous Examples of Reimagined Book Covers

Have you ever read a book, or saw a book cover and wanted to redesign it into something completely different? The below designers did just that with their favorite books. As soon as I am done with the quote project (in 24 weeks) I might re-design some covers as one of the few projects I have planned for next year. Check out the quick snapshots below, and make sure to visit the designer’s project pages for the fantastic closeups of each book.

Richie Stewart

Matt Roeser

Ashley Armour Kittrell

Jim Tierney

Mikey Burton

Tim Phelan

Jillian Tamaki

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15. August 2012 by Svetlana Bilenkina
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American Airlines – Experimental Redesign

Anna Kovecses, came up with a fantastic experimental identity for American Airlines. She covered all aspects of the redesign, from the logo to the boarding pass, the plane signage, website, iPhone app, and more! The redesign definitely gives the bankrupt airline a much-needed facelift. Thoughts?

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08. August 2012 by Svetlana Bilenkina
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The Daily Typographic Quote

The Daily Typographic Quote was created by Dimitris Kanellopoulos and Yiorgos Yiacos, as a week-long experimental project in which they created a typographic quotation poster (quoster) for every day of the week— incorporating that day’s name into each saying. Check out their awesome work below and visit their Behance pages for more great pieces.

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19. July 2012 by Svetlana Bilenkina
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