Charming Character Illustrations from Tutti Confetti

Sometimes I come across an Etsy shop, and I love everything (and I mean everything)! The TuttiConfetti shop, owned by Marta Colomer, is one of those fantastic little treasures. Her shop offers charming illustrations of book characters, painters, writers, musicians, and many more (all listed in the Hall of Fame section of the store), and just whimsical illustrations of funny and peculiar characters. Below are just some of my very favorite movie and book character illustrations, so make sure out to check out the entire shop to browse through all of Marta’s creations. Each print retails for $19.77 (+shipping).

Do you have any favorite Etsy shops? Comment away!

// Sherlock Holmes // To Kill A Mockingbird // The Godfather // The Grand Budapest Hotel // Moonrise Kingdom // The Catcher in The Rye // Mad Men // Lolita // Psycho // Juno // Pulp Fiction // Annie Hall // The Last of the Mohicans

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