Have You Ever Been To?

I love to travel! Every year, my friends and I take a girls trip to a few countries in Europe and have a fantastic time. This yearly trip is always one of the biggest highlights of the year, as not only do I get to experience the beauty and culture of other countries, I get to knock things of my bucket list too. I am sure we all have one of those—a bucket list of sites to see in the world before you die. As I was browsing around the net, I found an awesome poster by Federica Bonfanti, titled “Have You Ever Been To?“—an illustrated print that lets you keep count of the 83 must see places before you die (+ Gotham City to make it 84).  Check out the print (and some of the close up’s of the countries) below, and purchase your own copy at Federica’s Society 6 store to help you start seeing the world.

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