I’d Like A Pan Pizza, Please!

I love pizza! If I had to pick my favorite food, it would definitely be the tasty goodness of a cheesy pizza. If any of you are ever in Washington DC, you have to check out Jumbo Slice, for a slice of pizza heaven! But since DC is a bit of a hike for me, I have to rely on the good ol’ delivery service of the major pizza chains. I used to be a huge Pizza Hut fan, but ever since Domino’s reinvented themselves, I haven’t been able to get enough of both the taste and packaging. And now, Domino’s has introduced their Handmade Pan Pizza, and the packaging (designed by CP+B) is fantastically sexy (never thought I would say that about a pizza box!). I think I see some pan pizza in my very near future! Do you love the design? Sound off!

via (Under Consideration)

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