Incredible Typographic Chalk Drawings

by: Chris Yoon

In the past year or so, chalk has become an incredibly powerful medium for illustrators and letterers all over the world. Their creations are both stunning and truly remarkable—especially considering the simplicity of the chosen medium. Seeing the final product is amazing, but watching the process and seeing the talent and detail that goes into each piece is really what takes the cake. So check out these time-lapse videos featuring some really talented chalk illustrators!




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28. February 2012 by Svetlana Bilenkina
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  • Courtney Sexton

    This is such a great site! We are doing a chalkboard project whenever we have #2 to update everyone what is going on. Can’t wait to get creative with it!

  • marlaine

    wow…i loved these!
    do they put some spray on top of it when it is complete so that it does not all just rub off?
    thanks for the post :D

  • Edwina@FASHION+ART

    So wonderful. I admire anyone with the patience to do this type of work.

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  • Alisha Newton

    If I did chalkboard lettering, mine would be like Rosemary Wannan’s—full of tape, straight guide lines, printed examples buckets, and multiple days. In other ways, extremely meticulous, seemingly moreso than Dana’s work.

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  • Amie Baker

    So beautiful! A talent I truly admire.

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  • Jet ski davit

    I love typography. It is one of those art forms that have never really risen to become as important as other art forms such as painting.

  • santi

    Look forward to see what you come up with
    All the way from Africa.

  • Mel @ Trailing After God

    These are amazing! How long do you usually spend on one piece? I wish my letters came out this nice. I’m going to have to do some practicing!

  • shannon

    i thought i was the only one who had an obsession with drawing fonts! i’m a graphic design major with a fascination with typography and this blog just gave me so many ideas. LOVE this!

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  • Janice

    Beautiful lettering– I loved seeing the process, especially for Nagging Doubt. That tends to be how I work, and it was nice to see such an outstanding example from a pro. I’m inspired to do more!

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  • Carey Bentson

    Thank you for sharing these time-lapse videos…..this is something I have always been interested in and wanted to do. I would love to find out what products were used in cleaning the boards, etc. Any comments or suggestions welcomed here :D ….thank you. Carey

  • Dbakeca Italia

    nice article