It’s #Project365 Time!

The beginning of the new year usually signifies ambitious artists embarking on a strenuous and courageous journey of creating a piece of art every day for 365 days! Below are some of the ones that I follow on Instagram. I really love these projects because you get to see the growth these artists experience throughout this adventure. Some of artists have just started, some are in the middle of their ride, and others have just ended, but are definitely worth checking out.

Do you follow any #Project365 artists? Comment away!

Mister Doodle
// Mister Doodle

Joanne Shih
// Joanne Shih

Monique McNamara
// Monique McNamara

Erin Pille
// Erin Pille

Allie Ward
// Allie Ward
Taylor Morgan
// Taylor Morgan

Nick Fred
// Nick Fred

Helen Boggess
// Helen Boggess

Noel Shiveley
// Noel Shiveley

Sabrina Smelko
// Sabrina Smelko

Jordan Cuellar
// Jordan Cuellar

Rhianna Wurman
// Rhianna Wurman

Khairul Fikri
// Khairul Fikri

Laura McDonald
// Laura McDonald

Tara Johnston
// Tara Johnston

Novia Jonatan// Novia Jonatan

Luis Miguel
// Luis Miguel

June Digan// June Digan

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