Nerdy Dirty – Nerds in Love

I’ve always considered myself a closet nerd. I love dorky board games, Harry Potter, and movies like Helvetica make me serenely happy. So when I found the Nerdy Dirty – Nerds in Love poster series created by Nicole Martinez, the inner nerd in me screamed with joy—they are simply adorkable (sorry New Girl for stealing your tagline)! Check out the series of love illustrations below, and buy prints on Nicole’s Society 6 store.

On a side note…when I was growing up nerd and dork were interchangeable. Yet, a few weeks ago I stumbled upon a cool infographic, Geek vs. Nerd that depicts the differences between the two, and allows you to correctly align with one that represents you best. According to the infographic, I would be…a geek. Who knew? :)

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