Oscar Bingo 2012

For the past few years my friends and I have been playing BINGO while watching the Golden Globes, the Grammy’s and the Oscars. It’s a great excuse to host a party, get some people together and give Joan Rivers a run for her money while dishing on the red carpet! Jessica Jones of How About Orange created 20 BINGO cards for those thinking of hosting a small get together for the 2012 Academy Awards on February 26. This year she also created ballots to go along with the BINGO—so doubt the fun. In my group of friends a different person usually hosts each awards show, and we have a small statue that we pass from winner to winner with each award show that goes by! Sometimes I person wins within the first 20 minutes—and sometimes it’s the last category that gets the win. You can download all of BINGO and Ballot cards here!

Also, if you are a big Oscar’s buff, download this awesome infographic created by Rekord chronicling all of the award winners from 1928 – 2010.

This is awesome!