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One year is a long time…and it feels like an even longer time when you take on the task of creating something every day for those arduous 365 days. However, with great dedication and the desire for betterment, excellent things can come to fruition. Designer Scott Biersack, created Project 365 as a way to do just that! Check out my mini interview with Scott, and view some of my favorite pieces from the project below!

Q:How did you get into hand lettering?
A: I got into hand-lettering after seeing Zachary Smith’s work all over Tumblr. I’m sure you, and many other designers have probably heard of him, or seen his work. Especially now that he’s been hired on by Sevenly! Anyway, I saw his work and thought to myself, “Hey I could do this”. And from that point forward, I knew I wanted to practice, practice, practice until I could actually consider myself a “letterer”.

Q: 365 days is a HUGE commitment, what motivated you to take on such an endeavor?
A: Indeed, 365 days is a ton of work! To be honest, I didn’t think it would be that hard to complete a piece every single day for an entire year. Boy was I wrong. I knew I wanted to progress my lettering skills and the best way to do that is to practice. Therefore, I came up with this Project365 to not only progress my lettering skills, but showcase and share my work and progress with the community. I can very easily tell comparing day 1 to the current day 165, I have grown TREMENDOUSLY! And with that, I must say I am a firm believer in the saying, “practice makes perfect”.

Q: Out of all of the 165 designs (now 172) you’ve done so far, which has been your favorite?
A: Ah that’s a tough one…There are so many to choose from! But, I’ve got to say I thoroughly enjoyed completing day 163/365 (pictured below). Which says “Hard work doesn’t feel like hard work when you’re doing what you love.” This was something my bud Taylor Loutsis said and I absolutely loved the message behind it because it couldn’t be more true. It’s something so relatable to just about everyone. I absolutely love what I do, and I work hard every single day to reach the dreams and goals I set for myself, therefore I knew I had to letter it.

// Hard Work Doesn't Feel Like Hard Work When You're Doing What You Love.

Q: What/who has been your biggest inspiration in your hand lettering process?
A: As I said previously, Zachary Smith is the main reason I got into lettering (crazy that one single person could spark my love for hand-lettering). But, throughout this Project365, I have discovered tons of other lettering artists, and even befriended many people within the Instagram community. With that being said, having those connections and the constant feedback from my followers has always given me the inspiration and drive to produce great work not only for myself, but for my followers as well. Lastly, I would say my past has aided me with my work ethic. To say the least, going through hardship and troubling times has really given me an appreciation for the little things and with that, my persistence, hard work, and constantly staying inspired just came naturally.

*If you visit the Project 365 page, you’ll notice I’ve featured some of Scott’s work in previous Friday’s Typographic Treats posts!

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