The A-Z Sign Language Doodles

Happy Snow Day to anyone experiencing yet another winter storm! The federal government is closed today, so I am dedicating my day to some freelance and the blog.

A few weeks ago, I came across the Instagram account of Alex Solis, a designer and illustrator working on a book showcasing the American Sign Language alphabet through a set of signs and adorable illustrations. The project consists of photographing the american sign language alphabet one letter at the time, and integrating a fun character that starts with the same letter. Three days ago, Alex completed the last and final letter for this project, and his kick starter campaign to get the book printed is in full swing! Check out and donate to the campaign here. Below, I pieced the whole alphabet together, so that his entire collection can be showcased in all of its awesomeness. Check it out!

// Sign Language Alphabet Doodles - Alex  Solis

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Alphabet Typefaces

Julien Poisson, decided to create an experimental typographic and illustration project, in which he created a male face to resemble each letter of the alphabet. The faces are stylized to distinctly capture the essence of each letter—from A to Z. Check out the entire alphabet below, and visit the project’s Behance page to get a closeup look at all of the letters (I did my two initials below)!

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