Say Happy Father’s Day With An Awesome Greeting Card

Father’s Day is just around the corner, so I wanted to start the week off by sharing some of my favorite cards from around the web to celebrate the dads in our lives! Enjoy the collection :-)

// Father's Day Cards

1. Rifle Paper Co // 2. Missive Press // 3. Sugar Paper
4. Sugar Paper // 5. Hello Lucky // 6. Quill & Fox
7. Emily McDowell //8. Fifty Five Hi’s // 9. Hammerpress
10. Hello Lucky // 11. Night Owl Paper Goods
12. Lady Fingers Letterpress
13. Old Tom Foolery // 14. Maginating // 15. Emily McDowell

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My Geeky Valentine

Designer Joanna Behar, had a great idea to make Valentine’s Day extra special this year! She set out to create a series of greeting cards for, as she puts it “all the geeks like myself who are in love with other geeks”. Although it’s a bit late to order these for this year—there’s always next year! Check out some of the cards below, and visit the My Geeky Valentine store to view the rest and purchase your favorites!

// My Geeky Valentine
// My Geeky Valentine
// My Geeky Valentine
// My Geeky Valentine
// My Geeky Valentine

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It’s Time To Love Snail Mail, Again!

I am sure I am not the only person who receives mostly bills in the mail (with a spattering of coupons to entice me to shop, and too many magazines for me to get through). I hate checking it, since nothing exciting is ever in my mailbox. But once in a while, I get a card from one of my friends with no purpose whatsoever, but just to say Hello, and it instantly puts a smile on my face. So I think I am going to start sending cards to my friends again, for no reason at all, but to just brighten their mailboxes and put a smile on their faces :). I’ve been looking all over Etsy for some awesome cards to enable this new endeavor of mine, and I’ve found some pretty fantastic ones, which you can check them out below. What is your favorite thing to receive in the mail?

From Top: (1 + 2) HappyDappyBits, (3) CraftGoblin, (4) SparrowNestScript, (5) Feb10Design, (6) PinwheelPrintShop, (7) Honizukle, (8 + 9) SweetHarvey, (10) BeckySimsDesigns

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Do You Come Here Often?

Do You Come Here Often is the title of a card series of pick up lines with hand drawn typography and illustrations created by Dirty Bandits. The cards are meant to make you smile and possibly even get you laid (according to Dirty Bandits)! Check out some of the cards below, and pick up your very own set here. If you like Dirty Bandits work, then definitely check out their Calendar of Silly Holidays, which also has some fantastic illustrations.

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