Top 10 Designers To Follow On Instagram

As designers, we are constantly searching for inspiration! How many hours a day do you spend going through Pinterest, Tumblr, or Dribbble looking through creative designs and ideas before starting a project, or when you’ve hit a creative block? No matter how many creative outlets there are, you can never have to many— so why not turn to Instagram to get your creative juices flowing? Below you will find my favorite ten designers to follow on Instagram, and hopefully they can inspire you, as they’ve inspired me. What are your favorites? Comment away!

Mary Kate McDevitt

// Marykatemcdevitt - Instagram

Matthew Tapia

// Matthewtapia - Instagram

Riley Cran

// Rileycran - Instagram

 Jason Halliburton

// Jasonhalliburton - Instagram

Steven Millington

// Drybritish - Instagram

Erik Marinovich

// Erikmarinovich - Instagram

Dan Cassaro

// Dancasarro - Instagram

Daily Dishonesty

// Dailydishonesty - Instagram


// Typespire - Instagram

Bill Rose

// Recapturist - Instagram

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Is It Awesome or Awful?

As a designer, we all go through a self critique process after we’ve made something to decide whether we truly love it or hate it, whether it just feels right or something is off, and whether the essence of what we tried to make has been captured or lost. Erin Eby and Neisha Tweed are here to help you figure all of those things out! These ladies came up with a chart, titled Awesome or Awful – A Self Critique Tool For Young Creatives to assist in any self-doubt a designer might have. You can check out the small snapshot below, and click on the image to download a high-resolution PDF to always have as a handy reference!

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Weapons of Mass Creation

Justin Kramer who designs under the moniker of Angryblue, created a terrific series of posters, titled “Weapons of Mass Creation”. The series embeds objects of the creative persuasion within a variety of destructive weapons. You can purchase the posters as limited addition screen prints for $20 each on the Angryblue art prints page.

via (laughing squid)

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Client Relations

We’ve all worked with difficult or perhaps challenging clients. It all comes with a territory and most of us have experienced this up close and personal. While discussing client relations with a fellow creative, I remembered a few, fun client management funnies I’ve saved over the years. Some of these are oldies, but goodies—hope you enjoy!

// Number 17 (click on image for high res PDF)
 // Tom Fishbourne

// Clients From Hell (hundreds of hilarious stories)

// Colin Harman

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10 Inspirational Design Posters

German graphic designer, January Filek, created a series of 10 inspirational design posters with quotes from the inspiring minds of Harold Speed, David Lynch, Audie McCall, Picasso, Ken Rockwell, Peter Fischli, David Weiss and Erik Spiekermann. Enjoy the prints below and visit January’s site for more work. Do you have any favorite inspirational quotes when you hit a creative block?

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