Random Illustrated Facts

Over the past couple of years, I’ve somehow started following over 700 different accounts on Instagram. There aren’t enough hours in the day to ever make it through my entire feed, but every once in a while, I get lucky and stumble upon an awesome illustration. Yesterday’s stumble happens to be the artist, Mike Lowery (and no, not the Will Smith character from Bad Boys).

Last year, Mike started drawing out random facts as a daily warm up activity in his sketchbook, and now he accumulated quite the extensive collection of quirky and amusing factoids. Check out some of my favorites below, and follow him on Instagram (@mikelowerystudio) to peruse the rest of his work.

// Weird Fact // Humpty Dumpty Fact // Artist Facts // Carrot Fact // Bone Facts // Glasses Facts // Coffee Facts // Hair Facts // Tongue Facts // Wright Brothers Facts

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You Are What You Ride

I would first like to apologize for my lack of posts these past of couple months—I got a new job, and things have been pretty crazy! But, I promise I’ll be posting more regularly. And I hope to have some personal projects to share with everyone in the coming months!

So now lets get back to the subject of this post! A few weeks ago I came across the Cyclemon website, and discovered their fabulous You Are What You Ride poster series, created by Thomas Pom and Orthonormai. If I had to pick my riding style, I would definitely classify myself as the “fake”….and yes, I am openly (yet, embarrassingly) admitting that I never learned how to ride a bike! So whenever someone says to me, “oh it’s just like riding a bike”, I give them a blank stare and an awkward smile…but maybe one day i’ll be able to relate to that statement.

Check out the awesome prints below, and get your very own favorite print in the Your Are What You Ride online shop. So what kind of a rider are you? Comment away!

// Weirdo // Traveler // Hipster // Swagger // Vintage Guy // Tandem // Baby Doll // Cougar // Freestyler // Lil Gangsta // Runner // Rigid Guy // Warrior // Lazy Guy // Gangsta // Fake // Grand Pa // Night Rider

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