// The 50 Best Superhero Movies of All Time

In 2013, I came upon Scott Biersack’s lettering when he began his Project365, and I loved his work! And now in 2017, he’s doing some amazing things! While scrolling through Instagram, I came upon his newest project—The 50 Best Superhero Movies of All Time. It’s an illustration and lettering project for the Ringer. Check out their site for all the cool stats and facts, and of course check out the quick snapshot of Scott’s illustrations below!

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Charming Character Illustrations from Tutti Confetti

Sometimes I come across an Etsy shop, and I love everything (and I mean everything)! The TuttiConfetti shop, owned by Marta Colomer, is one of those fantastic little treasures. Her shop offers charming illustrations of book characters, painters, writers, musicians, and many more (all listed in the Hall of Fame section of the store), and just whimsical illustrations of funny and peculiar characters. Below are just some of my very favorite movie and book character illustrations, so make sure out to check out the entire shop to browse through all of Marta’s creations. Each print retails for $19.77 (+shipping).

Do you have any favorite Etsy shops? Comment away!

// Sherlock Holmes // To Kill A Mockingbird // The Godfather // The Grand Budapest Hotel // Moonrise Kingdom // The Catcher in The Rye // Mad Men // Lolita // Psycho // Juno // Pulp Fiction // Annie Hall // The Last of the Mohicans

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Do You Come Here Often?

Do You Come Here Often is the title of a card series of pick up lines with hand drawn typography and illustrations created by Dirty Bandits. The cards are meant to make you smile and possibly even get you laid (according to Dirty Bandits)! Check out some of the cards below, and pick up your very own set here. If you like Dirty Bandits work, then definitely check out their Calendar of Silly Holidays, which also has some fantastic illustrations.

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Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre

Wilhelm Staehle, the creator of the incredibly sarcastic and wildly clever Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre illustrations, is rather a man of mystery. Not much is known about him—besides his love for peculiar silhouettes. If you take a look at the bio page on his website, you will know exactly what I mean! But his work is quite captivating, and speaks for itself. Below you will find just a few of my favorite pieces (including the Specimen Sheet of Type Designers), but his website offers an abundance of cleverness—so check it out! If you love the prints, most of them are available for sale at The Bazaarium online store for $40.

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