It’s #Project365 Time!

The beginning of the new year usually signifies ambitious artists embarking on a strenuous and courageous journey of creating a piece of art every day for 365 days! Below are some of the ones that I follow on Instagram. I really love these projects because you get to see the growth these artists experience throughout this adventure. Some of artists have just started, some are in the middle of their ride, and others have just ended, but are definitely worth checking out.

Do you follow any #Project365 artists? Comment away!

Mister Doodle
// Mister Doodle

Joanne Shih
// Joanne Shih

Monique McNamara
// Monique McNamara

Erin Pille
// Erin Pille

Allie Ward
// Allie Ward
Taylor Morgan
// Taylor Morgan

Nick Fred
// Nick Fred

Helen Boggess
// Helen Boggess

Noel Shiveley
// Noel Shiveley

Sabrina Smelko
// Sabrina Smelko

Jordan Cuellar
// Jordan Cuellar

Rhianna Wurman
// Rhianna Wurman

Khairul Fikri
// Khairul Fikri

Laura McDonald
// Laura McDonald

Tara Johnston
// Tara Johnston

Novia Jonatan// Novia Jonatan

Luis Miguel
// Luis Miguel

June Digan// June Digan

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Top 25 Inspirational Hand Letterers To Follow on Instagram

In the past few months I’ve started following quite a variety of hand-letterers on Instagram, and of course as a way to inspire my readers, I want to share some of my favorites with all of you! As always, I am on the look out for inspiration, so if you follow some awesome designers, typographers or illustrators, comment away!

Casey Ligon

// Casey Ligon
Joy Kelley

// Joy Kelley

Anthony Hos

// Anthony Hos

Cymone Wilder

// Cymone Wilder
Noel Shiveley

// Noel Shiveley

Raul Alejandro

// Raul Alejandro

Dude Be Awesome

// Dude Be Awesome

Carla Hackett

// Carla Hackett

Tim Bontan

// Tim Bontan

Jennet Liaw

// Jennet Liaw

Anton Gorbunov

// Anton Gorbunov

Nicholas Moegly

// Nicholas Moegly
Olga Vasik

// Olga Vasik

Zachary Smith

// Zachary Smith

Molly Jacques

// Molly Jacques

Mark van leeuwn

// Mark van leeuwen

Nicholas Fredrickson

// Nicholas Fredrickson

Sean McCabe

// Sean McCabe

Emily Poe-Crawford

// Emily Poe-Crawford

Marlene Silveira

// Marlene Silveira

 Joshua Noom

// Joshua Noom


// Spark5designs

June Digann

// June Digann

Jeremy Friend

// Jeremy Friend

Reuben Watson

// Reuben Watson

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My Top 10 Favorite Instagrams

Although this isn’t typography related, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite Instagramers! Who doesn’t love scrolling through their Instagram feed and seeing some incredibly posed animals, and awe inspiring photography? What are some of your favorite profiles to follow? I am always looking to add some fun ones to my feed!


// Harlowandsage Instagram


// Misvincent

Instagram (yes, you read that correctly!)

// Instagram


// Idafrosk Instagram


// Thiswildidea Instagram


// Muradosmann Instagram


// Nickgentryart Instagram


// Leesamantha Instagram


// Croyable Instagram

// Coryrichards Instagram

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Top 10 Designers To Follow On Instagram

As designers, we are constantly searching for inspiration! How many hours a day do you spend going through Pinterest, Tumblr, or Dribbble looking through creative designs and ideas before starting a project, or when you’ve hit a creative block? No matter how many creative outlets there are, you can never have to many— so why not turn to Instagram to get your creative juices flowing? Below you will find my favorite ten designers to follow on Instagram, and hopefully they can inspire you, as they’ve inspired me. What are your favorites? Comment away!

Mary Kate McDevitt

// Marykatemcdevitt - Instagram

Matthew Tapia

// Matthewtapia - Instagram

Riley Cran

// Rileycran - Instagram

 Jason Halliburton

// Jasonhalliburton - Instagram

Steven Millington

// Drybritish - Instagram

Erik Marinovich

// Erikmarinovich - Instagram

Dan Cassaro

// Dancasarro - Instagram

Daily Dishonesty

// Dailydishonesty - Instagram


// Typespire - Instagram

Bill Rose

// Recapturist - Instagram

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