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Pixar Minimalist Posters (Set 4)

I think it’s evident by now that I might have a slight obsession with all of the various Pixar minimalist posters that seem to be popping up online. This, the most recent series, is created by Edmond of Poster Explosion. Check out all of the prints below, and you can pick up your favorites for just $8 (for an 8″ x 10″ print).

* In case you missed my other favorite Pixar minimalist series, here they are! Set 1, Set 2, Set 3.

// Toy Story - Woody
// Brave
// The Incredibles
// Ratatouille
// Finding Nemo
// Up
// Wall-E
// Monsters Inc.
// Toy Story - Buzz
// Tangled

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19. February 2013 by Svetlana Bilenkina
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Pixar Minimalist Posters (Set 3)

It seems that I keep coming across some really wonderful minimalist Pixar poster series, and of course I have to share :) Check out my first and second post, with series created by Wonchan Lee and Andrea Nguyen.

As I was surfing Etsy (my newest obsession, as I seem to have gotten myself to start making some of my own jewelry), I came across a fantastic set of minimalist Pixar posters by Marcus, owner of the Poster Inspired store. In his work, Marcus’ main goal was to design in the most minimalistic way, while making sure to distinctly capture the essence of each movie. He even included the new movie Brave in the series! Check out his awesome work below, and visit his store to purchase the prints ($8 each).

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26. July 2012 by Svetlana Bilenkina
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Fantastic Illustrations – Dave Perillo

While browsing through my Tubmlr feed and with one link leading to the next, I came across some outstanding prints from artist Dave Perillo, and had to post! His DeviantART page features many other awesome illustrations that he’s created, so make sure to check it out and get inspired :)

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04. May 2012 by Svetlana Bilenkina
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Pixar Minimalist Posters (Set 2)

About a month ago, I posted an awesome set of Pixar Minimalist posters by designer Wonchan Lee. As I was perusing the web today, I found another fantastic set designed by Andrea Nguyen, and had to share. All of the prints are available for sale on her Society 6 store. Make sure to also check out Andrea’s superhero minimalist posters—I <3 Superman!

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27. April 2012 by Svetlana Bilenkina
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