The Comfort of Thingy-ness Vol III

It’s been quite a while since I posted The Comfort of Thingy-ness Vol II, so I’ve been compiling a list of some of my favorite book covers, and I’ve finally been able to narrow the list down to 24! I just love going to Barnes and Noble and getting lost in the beauty of all the book covers. I can walk around for hours, just touching and smelling (yes, I am one of those people that LOVES the smell of books) everything in sight. Although, as I mentioned in my previous posts I buy my books on the Kindle, it’s nice to sometimes get lost in the world of the tangible. What are some of your favorite book covers? Sound off!

// The Comfort of Thingy-ness Vol. III

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09. December 2013 by Svetlana Bilenkina
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