Top 25 Inspirational Hand Letterers To Follow on Instagram

In the past few months I’ve started following quite a variety of hand-letterers on Instagram, and of course as a way to inspire my readers, I want to share some of my favorites with all of you! As always, I am on the look out for inspiration, so if you follow some awesome designers, typographers or illustrators, comment away!

Casey Ligon

// Casey Ligon
Joy Kelley

// Joy Kelley

Anthony Hos

// Anthony Hos

Cymone Wilder

// Cymone Wilder
Noel Shiveley

// Noel Shiveley

Raul Alejandro

// Raul Alejandro

Dude Be Awesome

// Dude Be Awesome

Carla Hackett

// Carla Hackett

Tim Bontan

// Tim Bontan

Jennet Liaw

// Jennet Liaw

Anton Gorbunov

// Anton Gorbunov

Nicholas Moegly

// Nicholas Moegly
Olga Vasik

// Olga Vasik

Zachary Smith

// Zachary Smith

Molly Jacques

// Molly Jacques

Mark van leeuwn

// Mark van leeuwen

Nicholas Fredrickson

// Nicholas Fredrickson

Sean McCabe

// Sean McCabe

Emily Poe-Crawford

// Emily Poe-Crawford

Marlene Silveira

// Marlene Silveira

 Joshua Noom

// Joshua Noom


// Spark5designs

June Digann

// June Digann

Jeremy Friend

// Jeremy Friend

Reuben Watson

// Reuben Watson

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